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All-time Favourite Pizza Place in Edmonton

We’ve all been there. It’s 2 in the morning, you’re hungry, and everything is closed. Everyone experiences a late night craving at some point in their life. That’s the reason why Columbus Pizza & Donair is a 24 hour pizza place in Edmonton delivering hot and fresh pizza to your door. Whether you are a student in need of an instant energy boost, or a pregnant woman craving a mushroom pineapple pizza for her breakfast, we’ve got all of it covered. Count on us to be your saviour when you have a room full of unexpected guests to watch the game. Pizzas are always a hit in any crowd. For any non-pizza-eaters, we also have pasta, burgers, chicken wings and more on our menu to choose from. We’re sure you will find something to make everyone happy!

Our Delicious Menu Options

At Columbus Pizza & Donair, we believe that every aspect of your outing or gathering must be outstanding. Our menu is filled with a wide range of classic favourites—pizza, pasta, chicken wings, burgers, and more—as well as our specialty cuisine, homemade donairs with beef and our special sweet sauce. We also have Halal options available. With our great 2 for 1 deals and other special offers, you can feed the whole family or even throw a pizza party without breaking the bank. Need to feed a work or school group for lunch? We deliver to businesses, schools, hotels, and hospitals. As you transition from one lazy season to another, snug in your beds and enjoy these exotic pizza flavours with your favourite TV shows! We have an amazingly drooling menu with wide options made just for you! We deliver city wide, including Enoch and Westview Village Trailer Park. Check out our menu and then call us to order from the 24 hour pizza place that Edmonton craves!

Get the 24 Hour Pizza Edmonton Loves!

At Columbus Pizza & Donair, we use quality and freshest ingredients in our pizza and other menu items. From the crisp crust to the tangy sauce and the melty cheese. Plus, top it off with fresh meats, vegetables, and other delicious toppings. Our pizza toppings are sure to please, whether you prefer a classic pepperoni pizza, ham and pineapple, or are a meat lover and want ham, bacon, and sausage. Plus, we’ll suggest you try our famous vegetarian pizza!

So, the next time you’re onto google searching ‘pizza places near me’, satisfy your hunger by ordering our delicious, ready to order pizza from your favourite pizza place, Columbus Pizza & Donair today! Trust us to deliver a freshly-baked, authentic, savoury box of satisfaction. We are conveniently open all hours of the day in Edmonton.


If you need to see a larger size of the menu, please click here!


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